on me / Nice to meet You.


Hallo, my name is Francesca and I'm a designer. 

My background is in Architecture and product design, but I shortly found my real intrest in communication design, focused on multimedia platforms. The scenario changed, but I’ve always mantained the same design approach, made of a complex balance between “art and science”. My career started in Milan in 1998 as a virtual 3d designer  in a postproduction firm, and since the last 10 years I’ve worked as creative director in Fastforward, one of the first design studio based in Milan, that I co-founded. Recently I moved back in Tuscany, and choose to work as a freelance, intrested as I am to widen my design work beyond audiovisual media. I had the chance to design the “on-air image” of channels as swiss RSI, LA7, SKY Italia platform, MTV networks, Current TV, and worked close to in-house teams and management on the shared mission to position and consolidate their brand’s values and visions. As I agree with Italian designer Bruno Munari, who defined a designer as “a planner with an aesthetic sense”, in 15 years of experience I improved  my thorough understanding of broadcast production processes and brand strategies, witch I think is peculiar to design thoughtful, consistent and effective solutions. Design is a process, mostly based on communication and collaboration, my clients has always been partners, I consider my job proposing solutions to challenging problems through a strong teamwork.  All of my passion and efforts are devoted finding creative solutions, and express them through design...and having fun doing it!